Saturday, November 24, 2012

Biting the Bullet!

Ok, I did it!

I transferred it all to wordpress. Thankfully, I don't have to delete this site, just in case it doesn't work out for my basic-blogging-self and I want to come back! At the moment, it's going great.

I can't believe how much this feels like a major life change! I guess my blog has been part of my life for 6 years now. While I was transferring it, I was having awful daydreams about accidentally deleting it. The thought almost made me nauseous!


Drumroll, please.

Go check me out!

1GB - whatev

So...I've been going through blogging withdrawls. I know that I've had longer postless periods, but those were my choice! The world is being deprived, suffering really, because they don't know how we spent our Thanksgiving and Black Friday!

Anyway, this morning I switched this entire blog, all 6 years of it, over to, and it shows that I've used 555MB (18%) of my 3GB allowance. If I know basic computer math, (and I really, really DON'T!), that means that my entire blog, text AND photos, is using .5GB. So how can my photo storage have reached it's 1GB allowance? Maybe the size of the photos gets reduced when it transfers from the web album to the blog.

It's fishy to me because a bunch of my blogging friends have all gotten the same alert this week, even though some of us have been blogging for years and some of us only months. My super-smart friend, Amy, showed me that I can reduce the size of the pic before uploading it to blogspot, and it looks terrific on the screen, but if I ever get my blog printed into a book, guaranteeing Pulitzer prizes, will the quality be reduced in print?

I'm hoping it's a glitch that will magically and quickly fix itself, because I really don't want to get to know another blogging site. I'm getting older and set in my ways. I don't want to learn something new!  Plus, I don't like my wordpress site name. They wouldn't let me use dashes in my name and thrillainmanila, (which looks like "thrill-ain" = stupid) is already taken.

Bah humbug

On that note, we're putting up Christmas decorations tonight! Hooray for the holidays!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bella's Resup

Bella's class had a Thanksgiving feast yesterday and she was so excited to come home and tell us all about a favorite recipe that they made. So she wrote it all out and left it in the kitchen for us. Here is what she wrote. Josh helped me with the de-coding.

"thes is the resup of Bellas resup." 
This is the recipe of Bella's recipe.

"1st 2 scoopts uv falr"
1st 2 scoops of flour

"and put 1 scoopts uv mig and stritup"
and put 1 scoop of milk and stir it up

"then put 1 scoopts uv pupggi pi"
then put 1 scoop of pumpkin pie

We had a good laugh as we tried to decode her "resup". My favorite is "stritup" for "stir it up."

I took pictures of her paper, but when I tried to upload them, it said that I had used up 100% of my 1GB allowance! I didn't realize that I had a limit and it says that I can upgrade to 25 GB for $2.50/month. Please. That's not going to happen. So I might be switching to wordpress, or just starting thrilla-in-manila2.

But at the moment, I'm getting all my Black Friday to-do's organized! Walmart at 8pm, Target at 9pm, back to Walmart at 10pm, Kohls sometime in there....crazy!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Whirlwind weekend!

Ahhhh...hear that? It's quiet again! I'm sipping coffee and catching up on the computer, Deacon is watching Max and Ruby, and Caleb and Josh are sleeping (Josh ran a friend to the airport at 4am).  After a ridiculously fun week and weekend, we're getting back to regular daily routines. Until tomorrow, anyway. IT'S THANKSGIVING!!!!

Like I said, we had a great week with Kylah staying here with us. She's so sweet and softspoken and was really well behaved for us. We'll take her again anytime!!

On Friday afternoon, I was in the kitchen and I heard the four older kids grunting and groaning, and then a, "Mommy...(ugh)...come take...(oof)...a picture of us!" They looked so cute in their little pyramid!

Then on Friday night, Hannah got to sleep over! The kids were all so excited to be together. They played games, played outside, watched Brave with popcorn, and then headed to bed...until 9pm, when more cousins arrived. I was downstairs and thought some tornado was about to hit, with all the screaming that I heard! After a few minutes of crazy, excited reunion, the kids all headed to bed.

Now that all the cousins were in town, we could celebrate Bella's birthday! While the ribs were slow-cooking on the Green Egg, we set the kids up with a game known as the "indoor alternative to a pinata."

It took longer than we thought, which was terrific. The kids would flick the spinner to reveal which color tab they would pull out of the cylinder filled with candy. The idea is that as more tabs are pulled out, candy would fall out. It didn't work out quite that efficiently, as the candy I got was kind of big, so finally Josh gave it a shake and the next 10 seconds were blissful pandemonium as little hands flew everywhere, trying to grab candy.

Then Bella opened her presents. She got some really fun toys, crafts, and clothes!

Here is Bella giving Caleb a "thank-you" hug for his part in her Brave doll gift.

After presents, we sat down to eat. Joe had cooked some ribs to perfection, and we enjoyed them with potato salad and baked beans. Then Bella had her ice cream cake from Marble Slab Creamery! I had my fingers crossed when I gave Bella the option of buying an ice cream cake instead of me baking and decorating one. Thankfully, she was all about the ice cream cake and loved scrolling through the options online. She chose a chocolate peanut-butter cake - girl after my own heart!

After the party, I had a bridal shower to go to. It was a lot of fun to celebrate with a young bride-to-be! As soon as I got back, we had to leave for dinner with Josh's aunt and family. It was so fun to be back at their house and listen to all of them reminisce about Josh's childhood.

Mackenzie saw that they had Apples to Apples and wanted to play, so we all sat around the kitchen table and played. It was pretty funny. During one round, the adjective was "chewy." Mackenzie was responsible for reading the nouns for that round. Someone had picked "Joan of Arc" (obviously a burn card - pun intended) and she said, "Jo-ann of Arc." Then someone said, "Well, she's more crispy than chewy..." and we all had a good laugh!

After dinner, we came home and put the kids to bed and headed back out for my 4th engagement of the day! We, and Joe and Michelle, went and hung out at the house of some fun and terrific friends. We talked, laughed, jabbed, and ate lots of chips and salsa. It was so much fun!

All good things must come to an end. After everyone went back to their places, I got busy doing laundry, vacuuming, sweeping and scrubbing, cleaning the toy room and doll house room, picking up, and kitchen clean-up. It was a lot, but such a good feeling! I'm a little addicted to that Clorox clean-up.

Now it's almost time for Thanksgiving! I'm so excited to be in the US for this wonderful holiday. This is the girls last day of school until next week. Man, I remember how great that felt during college....

Stay tuned for a thanksgiving post!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cousin Besties!

Our niece, Kylah, has been here since Sunday night, and we're all having a blast with her! She was already there when we got home from church, so we got the week-long party started by watching Brave with popcorn and candy.

Since the girls didn't have school on Monday, the kids all played non-stop for the entire day. When the girls had to go back to school, Kylah and Deacon became best buddies. They've been doing a lot of playing house where Kylah is the mommy and Deacon is the baby Joey. =) They've also played outside a lot during these cool, but sunny afternoons. There is a trampoline, playground, and of course, the fort to work on, so they've kept nice and busy.

I had the cutest picture of the two of them eating lunch out on the deck together, but I deleted it before I had a chance to post it!!! Tragic....

Yesterday, Nana took Deacon and Kylah to the Marble Slab Creamery for some ice cream. I think they both chose bubble gum ice cream with sprinkles mixed in. It sounds a little gag-inducing to me, but they both loved it!

Now Kylah and I are watching the Rockettes perform on the Today show and she decided that's what she'll be when she grows up. When I asked to show me how high she could kick, she threw her leg up in the air and kept it there, her underpants showing for all the world to see and a huge smile on her face. She's so cute!

Tonight, I'm taking all the girls to see the high school musical that Nana is playing the piano for. It's no Beauty and the Beast like they did last year, so I'm not sure how the girls will do, but we'll give it the ol' college try!

Thanks for letting us keep her for the week, Joe and Michelle!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1000 miles!

This post should have been...posted... at the beginning of the month, but of course, my mind was focused on my upcoming marathon!

At the beginning of 2012, I set a goal of running 1000 miles. It seemed pretty intimidating, but make no mistake, marathon training will getcha there!

So during my final training run the night before we left for New York, I hit my 1000th mile! It was a slow easy 2-miler while watching Downton Abbey. I didn't really take the time to enjoy the moment because I had New York on my mind. Now that that trip has come and gone, I can sit back and be proud of a big goal accomplished!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Bella!

The parades, the day off work, the celebrations...everyone loves Bella's birthday!

6 years ago today, the world became a better place because Bella arrived on the scene! From that moment, she has been a complete joy for all of those around her and we get to be the lucky ones who get to enjoy her the most!

 I'm so happy and blessed that the Lord thought of me when He chose Bella's parents. She is a smart, loving, funny, and beautiful girl who loves her friends, family, and Jesus.

We're having a party next Saturday, when a bunch of her cousins can be there. But we still made her day a special one. We filled her room with balloons while she was sleeping, gave her cookie cereal for breakfast, we let her pick our lunch (McDonalds happy meal), shopped for movie snacks and watched Brave before bedtime. It was a fun day! Now her cousin Kylah is here for the week, and I think Bella thinks it's part of the birthday celebration, so we'll run with it!